2 Sisters Food Group Redevelopment Works

Surfacing and kerbing
Surfacing and civils works
civil engineering works
Drainage and kerbing

June 2015 – 2 months – Civil/Commercial

We delivered on behalf of the 2 Sisters in Cambuslang major redevelopment via our civil and commercial services. The property on Westburn Farm Road asked CPR to provide a proposal for 5 different projects that we were happy to help them with. They were:

• New kerbs

• Steps into the security office

• External linemarking

• Palisade fencing

• Car park redevelopment

For the new kerbs and footpath the surrounding area was marked out, excavated and cut around using the road saw. The existing surface and road kerbs were also excavated in preparation. This is where Type 1 Subbase, basecourse material and 15/10 surface course material were all imported and laid.

The steps into the security office had the area marked out and prepared for excavating where after a first course of brick was laid. The levels were then set out and the repeated process of laying bricks to form the steps until the desired levels was carried out. Slabs were then laid on the brick work to finish.

External linemarking was needed and the surface was both swept and brushed before starting. The area which was to be marked was confirm and initial markings were put down before the blow torch lance was using to make the lines permanent.

The restaurant also wanted palisade fencing. Holes were dug nearly 3m apart and filled with cement to hold the upright poles. Fishplates were positioned at the top and bottom slots of each post and then the fence was fasten with upper and lower rails. Finally, fastening the fencing pales and tightening the nuts, taking away the shear off section from each one, finished it off.

Lastly, the car park underwent redevelopment. This included marking out bays for nearly 100 spaces using the blow torch lance and surfacing all the access roads surrounding. Access for deliveries was made easier with the surfacing and kerbing of the are at the rear of the building and the loading area/drop off area leading to Westburn Farm Road. A ramped footpath was constructed from the car park, as well as the installation of a green security gate and fence.