Residential Road Construction for Private Landlord

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January 2014 – 9 Weeks – Residential Driveway

We completed works on a private driveway for a customer in Alexandria as a special project for a private house. We firstly  carried out a cat scan of the entire working area to check for buried cables and services and this would reduce the risk of damage of utilities and injury to personnel.

The site was cleared with a 13 ton excavator and type 1 stone was imported and laid over the area. This was compacted with a ride-on roller and this was the sub base for the driveway.

An existing shed on the property was taken down carefully and removed from the site. Cobble stones were laid down on top of c20 concrete. Top soil was imported and a hand rake was use to level it out once it was laid down, with grass seed spread over the top of it.

Textured slabs and gravel were then laid down, as well as a concrete foundation for future works. The surfacing of the drive way completed the job using a road paver for carpave and compacted using a 120 roller. As always, an inspection was carried out by the foreman to ensure satisfaction.