Car Park Construction at Cadder HST Yard

CPR Civils Division have completed Phase 2 at Cadder HST Yard as part of their Civil Engineering contract with RSAS.  This phase required the construction a new car park and drainage works at a new compound on the site.

The site has undergone a £33M development to provide rolling stock with three new service platforms and night-time accommodation for six high speed trains. The latest phase is addition of a new modular building to accommodate up to 250 support staff working for RSAS and ScotRail. CPR are completing the car park, footpaths, and drainage around the new accommodation blocks.

The Phase 2 works completed by CPR include, 

  • asphalt pavements
  • parking bays
  • block paving footways
  • kerbing
  • drainage works
  • chipped areas
  • tactiles

The site will be operated by ScotRail on behalf of the rail network. The new office accommodation will house rail staff and their supply chain, and the site will provide significant operational benefits.