Case Study – Civil Engineering and Surfacing at New Deer Substation

CPR were awarded a sub contract by Amey in 2020 to complete the civils and surfacing work packages for the construction of a new substation at New Deer, Aberdeenshire.

SSEN commissioned a new substation adjacent to the existing transmission line at New Deer in the North-East of Scotland. The substation is being built on greenfield site and will allow the network to increase transmission from 27Vkw to 400kV over the next decade through the construction of new substations and the upgrade of existing Overhead Line networks.

Amey were the Principal Contractor and CPR acted as a sub-contractor for civil engineering and surfacing works. CPR provided all associated labour, plant, materials, resources, supervision and equipment necessary including concrete for each task in the extensive work scope.

The project's works were varied and a summary includes items such as,

  • construction of compounds and foundations
  • construction of roads and path
  • construction of drainag, ducting and CCTV network with tie into adjacent substation
  • Deep drainage and diesel generator foundations
  • Concrete foundations for transformers, surge arrestors, post insullators, earth switches plus other structures

This was a huge construction project with 3 sub stations in the same vicinity. The location of the site is 25km inland from Peterhead in the NE of Scotland, along an unmarked road.

CPR liaised consistently on the civil engineering and surfacing works with both the contractor, the client and the other sub-contractors onsite to ensure the complexities were mitigated and a clear programme of works was understood and adhered to by all parties.

The project was ongoing as the Covid pandemic struck in March 2020. CPR reacted quickly to put into place a series of risk assessments and consequent safety measures such as deployment of additional equipment and plant and marking out 2m work spaces onsite. As a result of these measures, CPR’s work at the site continued safely and uninterrupted for the duration of the project. CPR’s team did not have a single case of Covid.

The full CPR team involved in the project undertook additional training specifically related to working on a substation environment. This will enable the team to be pre-certified prior to any further substation contracts in the future. The project lasted 12 months and was completed in Jan 2021.