Deep Excavation During Final Stages of Millerhill Depot Construction

CPR are now entering the final stages of the deep excavation works at Millerhill Depot in our role as road construction contractor at the EGIP site n behalf of Morgan Sindall. We recently completed the deep excavation and installation of a separation tank on the site and are now excavating a suds pond.

The Suds Pond is designed to control the flow of the water from the drainage system on the Depot. The water will run from the Separation tank through a 400mm pipe to the suds pond via a head wall.

The scale of the suds pond is 38m at surface diameter, with 5m excavation depth at 3:1 ratio gradient and a 8.6m x8.6m x 0.7m base.

A protective liner was placed at the foot and side of this area before being filled with 52 cubic metres of concrete to act as and anchor at the bottom of the pond. Once the concrete had set Class A6 clean stone was put in to cover the area at 500mm depth. The next step was to excavate a 500mm x 500mm trench around the outside of the base 16m x 16m. A protection liner and teram were put in place and clean stone was then placed on top at 200mm from the base to the trench. Two head walls were put in place at either side of the pond. The first headwall was for the 400mm inlet pipe and the second Headwall was for the 150mm pipe outlet. The completion of the pond will consist of protective liner and teram to the surface with the embankments being graded with soil.

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