Glasgow Queen Street Station Completed On Time and On Budget

CPR successfully delivered the excavation and resurfacing of the extension works on all seven platforms at Glasgow's Queen Street Station under time and within budget, on completion of the project on 7th August 2016.

The complex project to extend the upper level platforms to enable faster longer and greener trains ran is a key element of the £742M  EGIP project and the biggest engineering works on the Edinburgh-Glasgow line since it was built.

CPR worked in a cross functional team of specialist contractors that involved a high level of integrated coordination and daily planning. The project began for the teams on 22nd March and they handed the project over less than 16 weeks later.

The works involved working on a seven day a week, 24 hour shift pattern to excavate, reinstate, install ducting and drainage, before finally surfacing an area approx 3,000 sqm.

Excavation works were a significant part of the project and they removed approx 4,500 tonnes of material.  CPR's plant transported 3,160 tonnes of back fill material back into the site to enable the reinstatement of the platforms and tunnels including ducting, drainage, and water and electricity services.

They installed over 800m of a modern, lightweight 9 way Cubis ducting system and 400m of ACO channel drainage and gullies. Additionally they supplied the asbestos removal and containment facility and the painters to paint the gantry.

The final works were the resurfacing of the platforms themselves which involved laying a 50ml base coat and 30ml surface layer on an area approx 3000sqm.

The scale of the project was such that the primary issue was managing the interface with the network of contractors to ensure past activity was updated, progress was planned and potential cross overs were negated. The way this was handled by the multi functional team was praised by Rodger Querns, EGIP Programme Director,

Wonderful result! Many thanks to you for all your hard work. The scale, complexity and sheer longevity of this huge piece of engineering work would have been a challenge too far to most, but not to this team. To successfully complete the tunnel, throat and platform works ahead of schedule, makes this even more of a monumental result. It was a joy to see such camaraderie, teamwork and willingness amongst the whole team was truly immense. Please pass on my personal thanks to the whole team who helped make this happen.

This timelapse video from Network Rail captures the first 10 weeks of work in just 4 minutes.