Loch Lomond Shores Mini Golf Course

9 Weeks – Civil/Commercial

We provided civil engineering works on a mini golf project that is located in Loch Lomond Shores. This fell under our commercial and civil services. This project was carried out over the space of 9 weeks.

The area was excavated and type one sub base was then imported and laid down. A concrete base course was placed for the golf holes, the drive ways to the min golf centre and the foot paths through out it. After this, timber boards and sleeps were installed, with boulders concreted in and ducting paths laid down.

A carpet for the greens was placed down and level out to the specifications in the plan. To ensure stability on the footpath and weather guarding, a resin was placed on top of the footpath.

Pipework channels were then installed in order for the golf balls to be easily returned as well as collected at the end of a round. An allowance for ponds and tunnels was included too.