Rail Division Teams Deployed to Elgin

A team from CPR’s rail division were deployed to Elgin at the end on May 2016 to undertake 360sqm resurfacing and kerbing contract on behalf of Story Rail.

Access for All

The project is part of Network Rail’s extensive ‘Access for All‘ programme to improve the accessibility of train stations nationwide by installing lifts and ramps.

Planning and Deployment 

The contract in terms of the scope of works was comfortably within CPR’s normal rail projects. The deployment of the works including accommodation, sourcing quarries and other suppliers, managing travel and drivers time etc. was undertaken by CPR’s planning team.


The works required approx. 360m2 of resurfacing works with supporting kerbing works at 60 L/m.

Stage 1 Excavation and Resurfacing Works

Within an exclusion zone the existing ground surface was excavated using a 3ton excavator to the depth of 75mm and the spoil removed. Base course was imported and laid to a depth of 50mm and consolidated using a Roller. 6mm Carpave was imported and laid to the depth of 25mm and consolidated.  All joints were sealed with hot Bitumen.

Stage 2 Installation of Kerbs

New levels were set out prior to importation of 6” x 2” flat-top kerbs, which were laid on a concrete bed, and haunched with concrete for increased security.

National Rail Specialists

CPR Rail Division teams are deployed all over the UK to undertake specialist rail resurfacing and civil engineering works.