Rutherglen Station Redevelopment Works

Rutherglen Station/ScotRail – 3 Weeks – Rail Services

We carried out 4 different kinds of work for Rutherglen Station. This included resurfacing, kerbing, drainage works and line markings.

The resurfacing was carried out on the access road to the station. The area was marked, saw cut and then excavated before a new surface was put down. Similar work was done on the footpath at the front entrance of the station. Additionally flat top slabs were laid down.

Any damaged kerbs in the surrounding area were removed and replaced by 10×5 road kerbs which were bedded in concrete.

We installed drainage works which included pipeworks, soak aways and 3 gullies. Lastly, line markings were put down to ensure there was a designated walking route for pedestrians and to mark down the entrance for the access road. The final inspection was carried out by the foreman.