Rail Systems Alliance Scotland

October 19, 2021

Concrete foundation slab in progress at Carstairs Railway Compound

CPR Civils Division are laying a concrete foundations slab at Carstairs Railway Compound. The slab will create a laydown area for power installations.
September 28, 2021

Concrete foundation works at Cadder HST Yard

Complete Paving Requirements Scotland Ltd (CPR) have completed 180 concrete building foundations for a two storey office accommodation building at Cadder Yard for RSAS.
July 20, 2021

Case Study – CPR Awarded Civil Works at £33M Cadder Rail Yard

Complete Paving Requirements Scotland Ltd (CPR) are currently delivering civil engineering works at a new £33M expansion at the Cadder rail yard. The works have been funded by the Scottish Government and will provide accommodation for Network Rail’s fleet of high speed trains (HST).
July 13, 2021

Case Study – Construction of MDU Compounds at Carstairs Junction

Carstairs Junction was earmarked for renewal by Network Rail to improve line speeds on the west coast main line and on the routes between Glasgow and Edinburgh. In 2019 the contract to develop the site was won by Rail Alliance Systems Scotland and in 2019 CPR won the civils packages to construct three Maintenance Delivery Unit compounds.
July 8, 2021

Rail Systems Alliance Scotland 5 Year Civil Engineering Rail Contract

CPR has been awarded another major rail contract. Rail Systems Alliance Scotland have awarded CPR a framework contract to provide civil engineering services across Scotland's rail network for the next 5 years.
February 11, 2020

Carstairs Junction Works Completed Ahead of Schedule

CPR have completed works on the development of a new compound site at Carstairs Junction a week ahead of schedule.
December 3, 2019

New Site Development at Compound with ALO Measures

Works to develop a new site for a compound at Carstairs Junction has commenced. The site is being managed by the Rail Systems Alliance Scotland on behalf of Network Rail.