United Biscuits Car Park Redevelopment

Prep for excavation
Excavation begins
Excavation 2
Kerbing 3
Industrial Estate Car Park Redevelopment
line marking 3
Car Park resurfaced

November 2014 – 10 Weeks – Civil/Commercial

CPR Resurfacing carried out work in, Glasgow for United Biscuits. This was commercial work focussed on car park redevelopment.

There were three phases for redevelopment of the car park, each being fenced off while work was carried out to ensure the employees were able to use it. A summary of the phases were that the area was excavated, drainage was installed (gullies/manholes/channels) with the ground being finally graded and tarred. Each phase was completed and repeated until all 3 were complete.

A total area of 5329 square metres was excavated. Drains were cleared with jet equipment, including 9 gullies. A triangular island was installed at the entrance to the car park with street lighting in place.

A bed of concrete which was laid with road kerbs placed on top of it and gullies and manholes were placed in. The ground was surfaced by a ride-on roller which compacted the base course, wearing course materials and carpave. Line marking then finished each phase off which a final inspection.