Excavation & Deep Drainage at Road Construction Site, Millerhill Depot Edinburgh

CPR's Civils Contractor team are undertaking excavation for deep drainage and the installation of an interceptor tank at Millerhill Depot in Edinburgh. It is part of the large scale contract for the construction or roads and pathways on behalf of Morgan Sindall and the EGIP programme.

A total of 4.1m of deep drainage needs to be excavated in order to install the Intercepter Tank which will be placed on a large concrete slab at the base of the area. The drainage pipe will be 2.4m from ground level, with a further 1.7m of excavation for the concrete base.

CPR will also produce the concrete base consisting of: 1. A depth of 200mm of Type One Hardcore. 2. A sheet of membrane over the Type One. 3. A concrete pour of 150mm in depth of C30 concrete. Once set the Intercepter will be placed on the concrete slab.

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